19. Januar 2014

Hiking and More

Two days ago, we went up and enjoyed some sunshine and this random RMR view. 
We hiked up to the Sub Peak ...
... where another great view awaited us.
Dani, a very good friend of Simon, tried to get some more information about good zones to ride.
The weather was nearly as good as we felt, so we decided to go all the way up to the summit of Mount Mac Kenzie. 
It's a nice hike up there. Great views, sunshine all the way up, no winds and we've been a good group of 5 people.
Looking back to the Sub Peak ... 
... and on the summit with Ryan, a snowboard judge from Colorada.
Good guys, good riding, good times. 
Johannes found some powder to slay on our way back down; Southbowl!
After a long day, we enjoyed the sunset at Mac Kenzie's Outpost. Felt like sitting at the beach and looking across the ocean; but better.

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