8. Mai 2014

Whistler and more

It's been a while since the last post and a couple of things happened over here. I'll start with some scenery shots by Moritz.

Sunset from Parking Lot 8 ...
... and the night sky afterwards.
Last sunday, Robin came to Whistler and brought Fabi along. We teamed up and decided to go on an adventure to some natural hot springs behind Pemberton. That's how the road looked like for over 40 kilometres.
After a 20 minutes hike down to the river ... 
... we enjoyed the hot springs. Robin, Fabi, me and Alex (from back to front). Thanks to Moritz for this snapshot.

The next day, Alexis and Moritz left for Tofino. I drove down to Vancouver, picked up Vroni at Horseshoe Bay ... 
... and finally Hansi at the airport. We drove up to Squamish where Robin and Fabi awaited us with a little bonfire.
The next day started with an amazing breakfast at the same spot where we had the bonfire the other night. Thanks again for scouting this amazing spot! 
We had pretty good days in the Blackcomb park already (as you can see Hansi's nose got some sun). Yesterday, we discovered our new favourite leftover snack ('Milchreis für Arme') and today we practiced eating synchronously.

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