27. Juni 2014

Mount Hood

Trillium Lake and Mount Hood a couple of days ago 
Hansi took some pictures of the wildlife there ...
... and we still don't know if that fellow was poisonous.
The first day we went up to go snowboarding again, we met this awesome guy: Ben.
He's from Vermont and he definitely knows how to have fun on a snowboard! 
So does Hansi, sending it all day long in the perfectly shaped public park on Mt Hood
Hansi again, with a serious tailpress  
Some people stay in line, I'd rather snowboard 
The team on the last day: Ben, me, Ben's buddy and roomie Sam and Hansi
I got rid of my boots (thanks again Maddie!) ...
... and ended my last day of riding on this continent (so far) in another hot tub ...
... in the middle of a forest; Ben's backyard.
Thanks again Ben, for letting us stay in your drive way. And thanks to all of your buddies for fun times and an unforgettable stay at Mount Hood!

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