1. September 2014

Into The Wild

The title may sound cheeky, but it's exactly what Jo and I did: we bought some food, packed our backpacks and went hiking. After a 30 minutes drive over 4x4 roads we started "into the wild"; no signs, no paths, no people and a lot of nature's beauty.

Day 1: our first camp spot ... 
... and the view back into the valley we came from. 
The next day started rainy ... 
... and stayed rainy.
Some colourful impressions during the first two days
Day 3: our second camp spot
Every now and then we found a game trail to follow, most of the times we didn't.
Another beautiful view 
Jo, the "pathfinder" ...
... still looking for a path. 
We spent the last night underneath a small rock shelter. It was pretty pretty damn cold (you may have noticed the snowy tops of the mountains in the background of this picture). Today started very rainy again and so we got a bit wet on our way out.

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