27. Januar 2015

German Mountains

I started working in a pretty decent snowpark in Germany. The resort's name is 'Grasgehren' and we are mainly setting up stuff for the jibbing rats out there. Here are some impressions for everybody who's interested how my new office looks like. 

the top views are from my balcony during December and January
the bottom view is from behind my new office 
the view on my way up to my office
the 'Riedberger Horn'; picture perspective out of my office 
the view into the valley; again behind my office 
that's the other side of the resort. If you look closely, you can see the snowpark aka 'my office'
some artsy stuff ...
... and some action shots together with Ralphe  a couple of days ago. Thanks to Flo for taking these pictures.
Besides working, snowboarding, reading, drawing, sleeping there is eating. That's it, and it's good! 

Here is a little line through the park. Unfortunately, we only posted it on Facebook. 

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