29. Oktober 2015


Two weeks ago, I went on a road trip together with these two badasses.
We drove from Seminyak up to Singaraja.
It was a beautiful drive through Bali's mountains. Fun bikes, chaotic traffic and nice views all along the way.
A mandatory sunset picture
On the second day we drove through some nice rice field sceneries ...
... on our way to the Sekumpul Waterfalls. It was a bumpy, adventurous ride but eventually we made it! 
After some swimming, diving and a big photoshoot in the water we continued our ride to Ubud.Every taken photo during our stay at the falls turned out to be a high end product. The quality of these pictures is so damn high, I could not dare posting them here.
Nice sceneries awaited us again. A high road through the mountains with a good view on Bali's volcano Agung led us to Ubud. Unfortunately, my digicam's battery went down after taking this picture.

Since then I've been busy surfing. I'm pretty much what you'd call a Rookie still. So far it's always been fun to get out there chasing some waves but I'd rather spare you with shitty surfing pictures...

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