4. August 2014


Last week, we left Vancouver Island ...
... and said "Hi" to Vancouver for another time. 
We found a good spot with an amazing view over the harbour and with Downtown in the background. After two days we went back to Whistler ... 
... where Hansi found a room. That's the view from his balcony. Seems to be a good head quarter for the next months. And so is Whistler. We had really good times in the skate park, at the lakes and on the bikes. 
Have fun there!
I don't know how, but I was able to get all my stuff packed!
Today, I hitch hiked to Vancouver with all that luggage. My 'driver' invited me to have some beers and a self-made Polish pea soup at his place. We had very good conversations about soccer, European history, life, hunting and - of course - beer. 
Travelling at its best side!
After a nice day in Vancouver, I arrived at the airport eventually.
Next stop: YUKON

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