8. August 2014

Whitehorse pt.I

I made it to Whitehorse. As soon as I got of the plane I was invited to join a little climbing trip. 
Jo and Alex discussing some climbing lines.
Alex is one of Tamara's sons, our very kindly host in Whitehorse
Jo in the wall. He will canoe down the Yukon with me and four other Germans; starting tomorrow.
Alex hanging around. Even though it doesn't look like it in the picture, he was the one who mastered the trickiest line this afternoon.
Manu, one of Alex's friends, doing stuff.
I went mountain biking with Jo and David the next day. David will also join our canoe trip.
Whitehorse has some amazing trails to offer ...
... and bears. This fellow sniffed around our neighbour's house.

Thanks to Tanja for most of these pictures!

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